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Yinz Pierogi Pizza

Our White Sauce Pizza with Pierogis and Onions
*want to add options? Take a look at our build your own options! All the toppings are there for you to pick from.

Personal 8" $12.99Small 10" $16.99Medium 13" $19.99Large 15" $23.99Gluten Free 8" $15.99Gluten Free 12" $25.99
Pizza Crust (Select 1):Hand Tossed Thin Crust
Pizza Cheese:Normal Cheese Extra Cheese +$1.50Vegan Cheese +$2Extra Vegan Cheese +$3No Cheese
remove Onion:No Onions
Pizza Drizzle:Ranch +$1FYD Jurassic Amber (Hot Honey) +$1Nashville Hot +$1Buffalo +$1Honey BBQ +$1Cheese Sauce +$1