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X-Large Pizza, Wings and Garlic Bread Starting at $29.97 (savings of $5)


X-Large Build Your Own Pizza, Wings and Garlic Bread Starting at $29.97 (savings of $5)

Pizza 1 Crust :BLP Hand-Tossed Crust Tradition Thin Crust
Pizza 1 Cheese:Normal Cheese +$0.00Extra Cheese +$2Vegan Mozzarella Cheese +$2Vegan Mozzarella and Vegan Cheddar Cheese Blend +$2No Cheese
Pizza 1 Sauce :Signature House Red Smokey Red Black Garlic White +$2Vegan White +$2Hot Sauce with Ranch Drizzle +$1Barbecue +$1
Pizza 1 Toppings:Mushroom +$1.50Onion +$1.50Green Pepper +$1.50Pickle +$1.50Tomato +$1.50Banana Pepper +$1.50Jalapeno +$1.50Spinach +$1.50Olives +$1.50Blue Cheese +$1.50Pineapple +$1.50Feta Cheese +$1.50Roasted Red Pepper +$1.50Pepperoni +$2Sausage +$2Capicola +$2Salami +$2Ham +$2Kielbassa +$2Crispy Onion Straws +$2Bacon +$2Pickled Onion +$2Piquante Pepper +$2Meatballs +$4Chicken +$4Steak +$4Beyond Meat +$4Pierogi +$4Double Pepperoni +$4Beef Brisket +$5Light Sauce Extra Sauce
Pizza 1 Drizzle:Buffalo Mild Drizzle +$1.50Ranch Drizzle +$1.50Honey BBQ Drizzle +$1.50Chadsville Hot Drizzle +$1.50Cheddar Cheese Sauce Drizzle +$1.50FYD Jurassic Amber (Hot Honey) Drizzle +$1.50Viper Sauce (Chili Lime) Drizzle +$1.50Garlic Parm Drizzle +$1.50Black Garlic Vegan Ranch Drizzle +$1.50ThisGuise Smokey Vegan Ranch Drizzle +$1.50
Wing Type:6 Bone-In 8 Boneless
Wings Sauce (Select 1):Buffalo Mild Buffalo Hot Honey BBQ Viper Sauce (Chili Lime) Ranch Gator Shakes Gator Sauce (Sweet Buffalo) Buffalo Ranch JAKETHEHAWK Carolina Gold (Honey Mustard) Riff Zealot's Chadsville Hot Katzulhu Saloon Sauce (BBQ Ranch) FYD Jurassic Amber (Hot Honey) The Shadow Event Shadows and Smoke Garlic Parm GHU Heaven Scent Hot Sauce (Chadsville Ranch) Sneaky Heat (Hot BBQ) Season Salt Rub No Sauce
Garlic Bread Size :Regular Large +$2X-Large +$2Fried Gluten Free and Vegan
Side of Sauce:House Red Smoky Red Ranch