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Cheese and Potato Pierogies Fried or Grilled with your choice of butter & onion, ranch or Sour Cream

3 $5.996 $7.99
Pierogies (Select 1):Fried Grilled
Pierogi Toppings:Sour Cream (cup) Ranch (cup) Butter and Onion (cup) Buffalo (tossed) Ranch (tossed) Hot Buffalo (tossed) Honey BBQ (tossed) Peri Peri (tossed) JAKETHEHAWK Carolina Gold (tossed) Buffalo-Ranch (tossed) Gator Shakes Gator Sauce (Sweet Buffalo) (tossed) Riff Zealot's Nashville Hot (tossed) Katzulhu Saloon Sauce (BBQ Ranch) (tossed) FYD Jurassic Amber (Hot Honey) (tossed) Hot BBQ Fire Sauce (Chadsville Ranch) Smoky Garlic Parm

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