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Cheese and Potato Pierogies Fried or Grilled with your choice of butter & onion, ranch or Sour Cream

3 $5.996 $7.99
Pierogies (Select 1):Fried Grilled
Pierogi Toppings:Sour Cream (cup) Ranch (cup) Butter and Onion (cup) Buffalo (tossed) Ranch (tossed) Hot Buffalo (tossed) Honey BBQ (tossed) Peri Peri (tossed) JAKETHEHAWK Carolina Gold (tossed) Buffalo-Ranch (tossed) Gator Shakes Gator Sauce (Sweet Buffalo) (tossed) Riff Zealot's Nashville Hot (tossed) Katzulhu Saloon Sauce (BBQ Ranch) (tossed) FYD Jurassic Amber (Hot Honey) (tossed)

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