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Build Your Own Pizza - Main

Gluten Free Pizza (GF, V+)

A cauliflower, vegan friendly, crust.

Personal 8" $13.99Medium 12" $18.99
Pizza Cheese:Normal Cheese Extra Cheese +$2Vegan Mozzarella Cheese +$2Vegan Mozzarella and Vegan Cheddar Cheese Blend +$2No Cheese
Pizza Sauce (Select 1):Signature House Red Smokey Red Hot Sauce with Ranch Drizzle +$1Barbecue +$1
Pizza Toppings (Optional):Mushroom +$1.50Onion +$1.50Green Pepper +$1.50Pickle +$1.50Tomato +$1.50Banana Pepper +$1.50Jalapeno +$1.50Spinach +$1.50Olives +$1.50Blue Cheese +$1.50Pineapple +$1.50Feta Cheese +$1.50Roasted Red Pepper +$1.50Pepperoni +$2Sausage +$2Capicola +$2Salami +$2Ham +$2Kielbassa +$2Crispy Onion Straws +$2Bacon +$2Pickled Onion +$2Piquante Pepper +$2Meatballs +$4Chicken +$4Steak +$4Burger Beef +$4Beyond Meat +$4Pierogi +$4Double Pepperoni +$4Beef Brisket +$5Light Sauce Extra Sauce
Pizza Drizzle:Buffalo Mild Drizzle +$1.50Ranch Drizzle +$1.50Honey BBQ Drizzle +$1.50Chadsville Hot Drizzle +$1.50Cheddar Cheese Sauce Drizzle +$1.50FYD Jurassic Amber (Hot Honey) Drizzle +$1.50Viper Sauce (Chili Lime) Drizzle +$1.50Garlic Parm Drizzle +$1.50Black Garlic Vegan Ranch Drizzle +$1.5010k Smokey Vegan Ranch Drizzle +$1.50