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Fried Chicken Sandwich


6oz Fried Chicken on a Breadworks Kaiser Roll with your choice of toppings.

Sandwich Cheese:American Swiss Pepper Jack Cheddar Cheese Sauce +$1Blue Cheese Crumble Vegan Mozzarella +$1Vegan Cheddar +$1No Cheese
Sandwich Toppings (Optional):Black Garlic Burger Sauce (V) 10k Smoky Burger Sauce (V) Lettuce Tomato Onions Pickle Ketchup Mustard Mayonnaise Jalapeño Banana Peppers Ranch Riff Zealot's Nashville Hot Jakethehawk Carolina Gold (Honey Mustard) Viper Sauce (Chili Lime) FYD Jurassic Amber (Hot Honey) +$1Buffalo Sauce Blackened Powder Fried Pierogies (2) +$2Beef Brisket +$3Mozzarella Half Moons (1) +$2Onion Straws +$1.50Mac and Cheese Bites (2) +$1.50Grilled Onions Pickled Onions Sauteed Mushrooms +$0.50Bacon +$2
Side of Fries:No Fries Fries +$2
Sub Bun:Gluten Free Pita +$3Bed of Greens +$1Bed of Fries +$1